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By Andrei Voronkov

This publication constitutes the refereed lawsuits of the 18th foreign convention on automatic Deduction, CADE - 18, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2002. The 27 revised complete papers and 10 approach descriptions awarded including 3 invited contributions have been conscientiously reviewed and chosen from 70 submissions. The e-book bargains topical sections on description logics and the semantic net, proofcarrying code and compiler verifications, non-classical logics, method descriptions, SAT, version iteration, CASC, mixture and selection strategies, logical frameworks, version checking, equational reasoning, and evidence concept.

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18. R. E. Ladner. The computational complexity of provability in systems of modal propositional logic. SIAM J. , 6(3):467–480, 1977. 19. F. Massacci and F. M. Donini. Design and results of TANCS-00. In Dyckhoff [10], pages 52–56. 20. -H. Moon, G. D. Hachtel, and F. Somenzi. Border-block trianglular form and conjunction schedule in image computation. In W. H. Jr. and S. Johnson, editors, FMCAD2000, volume 1954 of LNCS, pages 73–90. Springer Verlag, 2000. 21. H. Ohlbach, A. Nonnengart, M. de Rijke, and D.

J if φ Γ and Γ J Proof. See the technical report. 3 Machine Model We define an idealized RISC processor that will provide a foundation for the remainder of this paper. g. 32-bit numbers). There are a small number of general-purpose registers 36 A. Bernard and P. Lee that each contain a single word, a word-sized program counter, and a memory register that contains a mapping from words to words. The processor executes a program that is simply a sequence of instructions. We assume that the program is in a separate memory and thereby protected from modification: we do not address self-modifying code in this paper.

Am ∈ {0, 1}m represents a set1 a ⊆ cl(ψ) with of ϕi ∈ a iff ai = 1. A set of such bit vectors can obviously be represented using a BDD with m variables. It remains to “filter out” those bit vectors that represent types. We define Consistentψ as the characteristic predicate for types: Consistentψ (a) = 1≤i≤m Consi (a), where Consi (a) is defined as follows: 1 Please note that this set is not necessarily a type. BDD-Based Decision Procedures for K 21 – if ϕi is neither of the form ϕ ∧ ϕ nor ϕ ∨ ϕ , then Consi (a) = 1, – if ϕi = ϕ ∧ ϕ , then Consi (a) = (ai ∧ a ∧ a ) ∨ (¬ai ∧ (¬a ∨ ¬a )), – if ϕi = ϕ ∨ ϕ , then Consi (a) = (ai ∧ (a ∨ a )) ∨ (¬ai ∧ ¬a ∧ ¬a ), where a = a if ϕ = ϕ ∈ cl+ (ψ), and a = ¬a if ϕ = ¬ϕ for ϕ ∈ cl+ (ψ) (and analogously for a ).

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