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Get your technological know-how information instantly from the resource. Australasian technology gains scientists discussing their paintings in simple language, and professional columnists analysing advancements in astronomy, palaeontology, neuroscience, ecology, evidence-based medication, bioethics and extra. Australasian technology presents insightful research of medical information and concerns: no hype or spin – simply the facts.

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The development of cradleto-grave manufacturing systems will increase the lifetime of raw resources and minimise environmental impact. New chemical methods to help with plastics, polymer and rubber recycling can open up new markets. Second, Australian researchers need to better connect to industry, and industry in turn needs to invest more of its income into R&D, which remains very low by OECD standards. Third, we need national strategies and a long-term commitment to helping nascent industries remain aloat long enough to secure market share.

Spanning ields as diverse as quantum computing, manufacturing and biosecurity, this contribution is above the OECD average as a percentage of GDP, and relects the government’s ongoing commitment to a strong and vibrant science community in Australia. I thank Australasian Science for its contribution to science in Australia over many decades, and encourage you all to play your part in ensuring that we enjoy a long and fruitful ideas boom. The Hon. Karen Andrews MP is the Assistant Minister for Science.

Our irst task in inding out whether fearful swans lee our cities was to test the idea that city swans are indeed tamer than their country-dwelling counterparts. We therefore measured wariness towards humans among swans at a city lake in Melbourne, and another at a sewage treatment plant where there are few people. We measured wariness using a metric known as the light initiation distance: the distance at which an animal escapes an approaching threat. We found that city swans are indeed less wary of humans, typically waddling away from our approaches when we came to within 13 metres.

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