Download e-book for iPad: Asymmetric Catalysis from a Chinese Perspective by Qi-Lin Zhou, Jian-Hua Xie (auth.), Shengming Ma (eds.)

By Qi-Lin Zhou, Jian-Hua Xie (auth.), Shengming Ma (eds.)

Qi-Lin Zhou and Jian-Hua Xie: Chiral Spiro Catalysts.- Fuk Loi Lam, Fuk Yee Kwong and Albert S. C. Chan: Chiral Phosphorus Ligands with fascinating homes and sensible Applications.- Jiang Pan, Hui-Lei Yu, Jian-He Xu, Guo-Qiang Lin: Advances in Biocatalysis: Enzymatic Reactions and Their Applications.- Mei-Xiang Wang: Enantioselective Biotransformations of Nitriles.- guy relations Wong, Yiu Chung Yip and Dan Yang: uneven Epoxidation Catalyzed by means of Chiral Ketones.- W. J. Liu, N. Li and L. Z. Gong: uneven Organocatalysis.- Qing-Hua Fan and Kuiling Ding: Enantioselective Catalysis with Structurally Tunable Immobilized Catalysts.- Chang-Hua Ding, Xue-Long Hou: Transition Metal-Catalyzed uneven Allylation.- Jian Zhou and Yong Tang: Enantioselective Reactions with Trisoxazolines.- Xiang-Ping Hu, Duo-Sheng Wang, Chang-Bin Yu, Yong-Gui Zhou, and Zhuo Zheng: experience in uneven Hydrogenation: Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorus Ligands and uneven Hydrogenation of Heteroaromtics.

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The Cu-complex of SpiroBOX ligand (Sa,S,S)-10a was demonstrated to be a highly enantioselective chiral catalyst for the insertion of ethyl 2-diazopropionate into the N–H bond of anilines, providing a-arylamino esters in high yields (51–96%) with excellent enantioselectivities (85–98% ee) [Scheme 12, (33)] [109]. 2 Asymmetric Carbon–Oxygen Bond-Forming Reaction The catalytic insertion of an a-diazocarbonyl compound into an O–H bond represents a potentially attractive route to a-hydroxy derivatives.

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