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By US Marine Corps

As in any army operation requiring specific abilities, similar to climbing, a few distinctive apparatus and coaching specific to the project has to be lined. The Marine Corps has followed this education for this very cause. This education permits Marines at the tying of knots, rope platforms, hiking / descending vertical and close to vertical landscapes - all whereas in a strive against atmosphere.

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This knot’s advantage over the prusik is that it can be released under load. MARINER’S HITCH 10 )Krägur Knot. This friction knot is used to prevent unnecessary slippage when tied onto a rope of the same diameter. KRÄGUR KNOT 11 )Rappel Seat. This is used as an expedient support harness for rappelling, crossing rope bridges, etc. It is constructed as follows: a)Center the sling rope on the left hip. b )Wrap the sling rope around the waist and tie at least one half hitch around itself (preferably two) in the front.

A. Apply Essential First Aid. e. ) b. Protect the Patient from the Elements. Provide the casualty with proper insulation from the ground. Ensure that he is warm and dry. e. ) either move the casualty as quickly as possible or ensure that he is well protected. c. Avoid Unnecessary Handling of Patient. d. Select Easiest Route. Send scouts ahead if possible, to break trails. e. Set Up Relay Points and Warming Station. If the route is long and arduous, set up relay points and warming stations with minimum amount of medical personnel at warming stations to: (1) Permit emergency treatment.

This knot functions by introducing friction that can be alternately set and released. For best results, tie the knot with a smaller diameter cord on a larger diameter cord. If slippage occurs, more wraps maybe used. a)Middle-of-the-Rope Prusik. This knot is created with an endless loop also known as a Prusik Cord. Do not tie this knot with tape due to less friction. MIDDLE OF THE LINE PRUSIK b )End-of-the-Rope Prusik. This knot is always secured with a bowline. Do not tie this knot with tape due to less friction.

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