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39Two highly deployed MOSs in the SKILLTEMPO database had MOS populations of less than 50. MOS 27G, CHAPARRAL/REDEYE REP, has a population of only 8. MOS 16S, MANPADS CREWMEMBER, has a population of only 15. 24 *The SKILLTEMPO rate reported here is the MOS personnel deployed divided by the MOS deployable population. 40 The October 1994 BEF includes Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti), which was conducted from September 1994 to April 1995. The July 1996 BEF includes OJE (Bosnia), which is ongoing.

S. Army forces from 1975 to 1990 (Headen and Wilson, 1991). The goal of the FES was to create a historical database that would enable examination of the demand for Army participation in a wide range of missions. That unclassified database includes deployment operations of 50 or more soldiers, but excludes special operations and Army intelligence forces. Nor does it count deployments from OCONUS (specifically Europe, Japan, or Korea). FES used as its sources after-action reports and other documents on these operations.

If the full 1991–1996 time period (excluding ODS) is considered, then the data from these two sources indicate roughly a twofold increase in personnel deployed between 1975–1989 and 1991– 1996. Factoring in the Drawdown Thus far, we have not actually calculated a PERSTEMPO rate—we have simply estimated the number deployed. To calculate a rate, we need to add a denominator to these deployment numbers. S. military forces in the post–Cold War period. Taking the Cold War and post–Cold War estimates, which provide a partial estimate of deployment activity, we factor in the drawdown that occurred in the 1990s.

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