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By Henrik Ibsen

This version is written in English. notwithstanding, there's a working Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of An Enemy of the folks. This version will be invaluable if y

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Meantime: entretanto, mientras tanto. mentioning: mencionar. mount: montar, acomodar, montaña, adaptar. neighbourhood: barrio, vecindad, vecindario. nerve: nervio. obtained: obtenido. proposed: propuesto. qualifications: reservas, calificaciones. solely: solamente, sólo, únicamente. strain: colar, esfuerzo, deformación, cepa, tensión, torcedura. stream: arroyo, corriente, flujo, chorro, riachuelo, secuencia. thousand: mil. towns: pueblos. twenty: veinte. worst: peor. Henrik Ibsen 51 DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN.

Good health! HORSTER [touches glasses with DR. STOCKMANN]. % DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. Thank you, thank you, my dear fellows! I feel tremendously happy! It is a splendid thing for a man to be able to feel that he has done a service to his native town and to his fellow-citizens. Hurrah, Katherine! [He puts his arms round her and whirls her round and round, while she protests with laughing cries. They all laugh, clap their hands, and cheer the DOCTOR. ] Spanish arms: brazos, los brazos, armas. boys: los muchachos.

THOMAS STOCKMANN. What! Then it was only for your own sake--! PETER STOCKMANN. Up to a certain point, yes. It is painful for a man in an official position to have his nearest relative compromising himself time after time. DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. And do you consider that I do that? Spanish behaved: se comportado, portado, funcionado, conducido, educado, Comportado, comportarse bien, comportar. brotherly: fraternal. check: cheque, comprobar, revisar, control, controlar, cuenta, talón, verificación, contener, verificar, reprimir.

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