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R. spectra of valine and its derivatives-the methyl groups would be nonequivalent even if completely free rotation were possible, because of the adjacent asymmetric centre. Further studies on the ‘anomalous’ vicinal coupling constants of the aliphatic protons in the phenylalanine anion in aqueous solution are consistent with the suggestion that the two less 134 136 138 137 138 139 I4O 141 14* T. Ichikawa, Y. Ittaka, and M. Tsuboi, Bull. Chem. Japan, 1968, 41, 1027. Y. P. Myer and L. H. MacDonald, J .

R. Kuntz, J . Phys. , 1968, 72, 3394. W. F. Forbes and P. D. Sullivan, Cunud. J . , 1967, 45, 1831. 26 Amino-acids, Peptides, and Proteins this has stimulated considerable interest in the photochemical behaviour of tyrosine and t r y p t ~ p h a n . V. light,213 since there is evidence that quanta primarily absorbed by neighbouring aromatic chromophores contribute to the destruction of cystine residues. 5 Analytical Methods At the present time, roughly a quarter of the papers on amino-acids which appear are devoted to analytical methods.

It is entirely possible that this situation will change in the near future. B. -N-Terminal Methods. 4g5 Improved separations of DNP-45 and PTH- 46 amino-acids on polyamide thin-layer sheets have been reported and procedures for the repetitive use and cleaning of these sheets have been ra 43 44 45 UI J. F. Klebe, H. Finkbeiner, and D. M. White, J. Amer. Chem. , 1966, 88, 3390. D. L. Stalling, C. W. Gehrke, and R. W. Zumwalt, Biochem. Biophys. Res. , 1968, 31, 616. F. Shahrokhi and C. W. Gehrke, Analyt.

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