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By Ken B. Anderson, John C. Crelling

content material: Biology of amber-producing timber : concentrate on case experiences of Hymenaea and Agathis / Jean H. Langenheim --
good isotope composition of amber / Arie Nissenbaum and Dan Yakir --
Resin-derived hydrocarbons in clean and fossil dammar resins and Miocene rocks and oils within the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia / Scott A. Stout --
Pyrolytic and spectroscopic experiences of the diagenetic alteration of resinites / Tatsushi Murae, Shuji Shimokawa, and A. Aihara --
Maturation of sophistication Ib (polylabdanoid) resinites / David J. Clifford and Patrick G. Hatcher --
New facts in regards to the constitution, composition, and maturation of sophistication I (polylabdanoid) resinites / Ken B. Anderson --
Gedanite and gedano-succinite / Edith C. Stout, Curt W. Beck, and Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz --
strange resin chemistry from top Carboniferous pteridosperm resin rodlets / P.F. van Bergen, M.E. Collinson, A.C. Scott, and J.W. de Leeuw --
research of fossil resins from Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic / Ken B. Anderson and Ben A. LePage --
Resin from Africa and South the United States : standards for distinguishing among fossilized and up to date resin in line with NMR spectroscopy / Joseph B. Lambert, Suzanne C. Johnson, and George O. Poinar, Jr. --
The age of Dominican amber / David A. Grimaldi --
The petrology of resinite in American coals / John C. Crelling --
hint amino acid composition of usual resins : elucidating the character of resinous artists' fabrics / S.M. Halpine --
Amino acids within the amber matrix and in entombed bugs / Xueyun S. Wang, Hendrik N. Poinar, George O. Poinar, Jr., and Jeffrey L. Bada --
Dammar resin : a chemical version for reactions of Utah resinite / Richard Dutta and Harold H. Schobert --
restoration and characterization of macroscopic fossil resins from Western coals / Q. Yu, L. Li, and J.D. Miller.

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