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By Laura Knight-Jadczyk

In 1993, after a dramatic flying saucers sighting, skeptical hypnotherapist, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, undertook the channeling scan that resulted, after years of committed paintings, in what's referred to as the Cassiopaean Transmissions. the nearest analogy to the view of fact offered through the Cassiopaeans is graphically explicated within the motion picture, The Matrix, in which our fact is gifted as a working laptop or computer program/dream that "stores" people in "pods" in order that they are batteries generating power for a few great computer dominating the realm. the adaptation among the metaphor of The Matrix and the view of the Cassiopaeans is they suggest a theoretical para-physical realm as one other layer within the constitution of space-time from which our personal fact is projected, looping time and again in unending diversifications. you'll say that the hyperdimensional nation-states are the "future" in a truly genuine experience. This para-physical fact of hyperdimensional area - the world of the Matrix programmers - in line with the Cassiopaeans, is inhabited via beings of either optimistic and detrimental polarity who've "graduated" from our truth yet now not unavoidably within the feel of "dying" and going to a strictly airy realm, yet relatively that it's, successfully, a global of the longer term that creates our current by way of projecting itself into the earlier. what's very important to achieve is if we expect concerning the destiny by way of possible futures, or branching universes, then what we do now, even if we get up from the Matrix, determines what sort of destiny we adventure, separately and jointly. The Cassiopaeans taught Laura and her buddies approximately this Matrix fact, supporting them to return to grips with, know how it operated, after which, to take the mandatory steps to turn into loose. In different phrases, the Cassiopaeans supplied the "Red tablet" for awakening. This ebook is a dramatic new addition to the style of mystical autobiographies.

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I have the idea that he tried to help others as a vicarious way of trying to save himself. After the war, Grandpa opened a mechanic’s shop, studied engineering at night school, earned a degree and certification, and ultimately gained recognition in his field, employed by some of the largest corporations in the United States. 37 AMAZING GRACE In the Depression, while my father was cooking up his Tom Sawyer escapade in the local swamp, Grandpa was the backbone of his own family and those of his inlaws as well.

Life was certainly strange on the planet of Lost Boys and Girls. And it was going to get even stranger. In later years my mother and grandmother told me about these events. Yes, I have my own memories, but I was not included in adult policy conversations. Also, I was protected from the knowledge of certain events around me. More recently, when I asked my mother about this period, she deliberately evaded important issues and refused to help me work on uncovering the true sequence of events. “There are many things that ought to be forgotten,” she said.

I turned six there and started school. Mother could not divorce Cedric because he was incompetent, and at the same time could not be legally married to him for the same reason. She said she did not receive any cooperation from the Navy or the veterans’ hospital in trying to sort through this process. Then Cedric called Mother at work one day. He was out of the hospital and he was coming to get me. She left work, went straight to the school for Tommy and me, and left town immediately under the protection of a family friend.

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