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This e-book is the results of the study within the implementation of polygon-based photographs operations on sure basic function parallel processors; the purpose is to supply a speed-up over sequential implementations of the pix operations involved, and the ensuing software program may be considered as a subset of the applying suites of the proper parallel machines. A literature overview and a short description of the architectures thought of supply an advent into the sphere. such a lot algorithms are constantly provided in an informally outlined extension of the Occam language including unmarried guide a number of info flow (SIMD) information forms and operations on them. unique tools for polygon rendering - together with the operations of filling, hidden floor removal and gentle shading - are awarded for SIMD architectures just like the DAP and for a dual-paradigm (SIMD-MIMD) desktop developed out of a DAP-like processor array and a transputer community. Polygon clipping algorithms for either transputer and the DAP are defined and contrasted. except the data awarded within the booklet and the priceless literature survey, the reader may also count on to realize an perception into the programming of the suitable parallel machines.

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6. P l a n a r As Operations mentioned earlier, the Disputer is totally programmable in Occam but the transputer which controls the processor array has access to a special data type, the planar data type. We have planar created data a library of procedures these are called planar types; which handle the various operations on the operations and are described in this section. The planar data types and their associated operations have thus been incorporated into our programming environment and provide an interface between the SIMD and the MIMD parts of the Disputer.

Z If the compute polygon the is not planar subdivided integers S for for the purpose smooth shading of shading, will be then the equivalent time to the taken to cost of evaluating 3 linear functions (one for each of the Red Green and Blue colour components) over the w relevant windows: TSS = 3 )g ($EVAL + (Iv-l)tlt~c). In the case of a grey scale display, only one linear function has to be evaluated. 5. MASK identifies the pixels of the window that the polygon covers. window. The HSE algorithm evaluates planar integers D that contain the depth of the pixels within each relevant window, window and compares D against updates integers S that the contain z-buffer the shade the part where of the of the z-buffer necessary.

Ai and However different columns will require the summation powers of 2. It is therefore necessary to use of conditional different planar assignment (see Chapter 2). For a grid of size NxN, log2N planar additions with conditional planar assignment will be required for the evaluation of all the aix components (assuming N to be a power of 2). (log2N-1), a planar alternating of Boolean mask which has columns set to TRUE and is organised as groups of 2 k columns with the same value TRUE (FALSE), the leftmost group columns being FALSE (not set).

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