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I 2 3 4 55678910 18 27 Stress intensity factor AK (MPam"') Fig. 26. Crack growth rate for 7075-T6 with increasing K,, [16]. 26 will lead to conservative estimates of crack length. 26 has been extrapolated to determine the approximate crack growth rate for cases less than mm/cycle. Using these data insignificant crack growth has been calculated, after the 6000 h, for all the highly-damped patch configurations considered. Crack growth data for 4% Cu-A1 alloy subjected to high frequency bending, given in [16], also indicates negligible crack growth for all the highly-damped patch configurations considered.

Components of the highly damped repair. panel. The highly damped section of the repair covers the entire panel including the local boron patch. 29. The viscoelastic layers and adhesive have been modelled using 3D elements as are the constraining layers. The total structure consists of 7000 elements and 29000 nodes. 1. Modes and frequencies A modal analysis has been carried out using NASTRAN program, [ll], to determine the mode shapes and frequencies. 30. 31. From this curve it is clear that mode 1 provides the greatest contribution to the response at a frequency of 203Hz.

Inlet nacelle As a result of the failure of the boron/epoxy repair to prevent crack growth, the particular panel was removed from the aircraft for replacement and assessment, [8], of the fracture surface. 2, and the missing section was that used for the examination. 3, until it became deep enough to penetrate the thickness of the panel. 5 corresponding to a final crack length of 135mm. 6 and indicates rubbing of the crack faces due to transverse movement. This would Chemical milled fillet \ Thicker section1 -Thin skin Fig.

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