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]RI. 18) for proper p and X. Under various but very general conditions on X, F and 'fjJ, the estimator Mn is asymptotically normal, as n -> 00 and for fixed p. 14), Q~,f2(Mn - (3) where 2 0- E. 22) The conditions that we need to impose on F to obtain the asymptotic normality of Mn are remarkably weak under some functions 'fjJ; for instance, if'fjJ is a nondecreasing step-function, then the derivative of F should exist only in a neighborhood of jump points of 'fjJ.

27774, then 80n = 0 and Tn is the ordinary L8 estimator. In fact, the L8 method as the most favorable answers to both Mayer's solutions as well as the true value of the parameters. Boscovich's data The second major scientific problem of the eighteenth century was to determine the shape or figure of the earth. At this time, the scientists were aware that the earth was not a perfect sphere. For example, some experiments have been conducted showing that a pendulum near the equator was less affected by gravitational attraction than was the same pendulum at Paris.

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