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By Sara Bell

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Earlier than the eighteenth-century upward thrust of the ideology of intimacy, sexuality used to be outlined no longer by way of social affiliations yet via our bodies. In sooner than Intimacy , Daniel Juan Gil examines sixteenth-century English literary ideas of sexuality that body erotic ties as neither certain via social customs nor transgressive of them, yet relatively as “loopholes” in people’s reports and institutions.

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Homosexual Christian writer and activist Chris Glaser proposes that coming out--as homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered--has biblical priority and sacramental dimensions.

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Shinjitsu o wakatte nai to y ū ka. Futs ū no onna no ko demo, rezu b ā tte donna tokoro na no ka na, mitai na kanji de kuru shi, kite mire ba, a, nan da futs ū no mono nan da mitai na. Onna no ko hitori de mo anshin shite nomi ni kite kuremasu yo. Futs ū no onna no ko mo ippai kimasu. Shufu no hito 44 mo iru shi, kareshi ga iru kedo kuru ko mo imasu shi ne. “Lesbians have ordinary love relationships, you know. Internally, we are different. Some people created the image of lesbians as different, which created prejudice, I think.

There have been more studies on European languages, mainly English, and some of these focus on lesbian speech. Topics of lesbianfocused research cover (1) lexical variations,14 (2) voice characteristics,15 (3) language use of comic-book characters,16 (4) coming-out stories,17 (5) identity construction through language,18 (6) language use in film,19 (7) grammatical gender, 20 (8) language use in life stories,21 and (9) textual analysis of personal ads. 22 These studies attempt to uncover different aspects of lesbian lives and their identities and explore the promising and exciting future for research on language and sexualities.

Responses are relatively short, a few sentences with no discussion among the advice givers. Like other magazines, advice givers are inclusive and nonthreatening. The Respondent’s Standpoint Lesbian and gay magazines have the goal of creating or/and presenting a community based on shared interests. Advice seekers initiate narration while respondents send mediated messages with their version of narratives, through which advice seekers construct a new reality for themselves. Walter Fisher defines “narration” as “symbolic actions”: Words and/or deed—that have sequence and meaning for those who live, create, or interpret them .

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