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By Gilles Fouchard

How one can use Microsoft's most up-to-date working approach with the straightforward consultant layout, which takes the reader from absolute fundamentals via to initiatives equivalent to multi-media streaming and utilizing the hot customisation innovations.

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7 Starting defragmentation on drive C. Error checking This process detects and corrects any errors on your disk drive. 8) offering you the choice of fixing file system errors and/or finding and attempting to repair faults on the surface of the disk. 8 Checking drive C for file system errors. Disk cleanup This process removes unwanted files and can generate a huge amount of space. Files which could be removed include: ■ temporary Internet files ■ downloaded files ■ old ScanDisk files stored in the root directory ■ temporary files ■ temporary installation files ■ the contents of the Recycle Bin ■ Windows XP uninstall information.

1 asks whether you wish to upgrade your computer to Windows XP. Click on Install Windows XP to start the set-up procedure. 32 Mb for Windows XP First of all, check that you have at least 32Mb of RAM – this is a prerequisite for installing Windows XP. 1 The Windows XP welcome screen. 2: Setting up Windows XP The set-up procedure will now check your system and then prepare the Windows XP Setup Wizard to guide you through the rest of the process. You may be given a warning that you should close down all Windows programs before continuing.

You will find that this command also allows you to open an Internet site or Web page address. The Shut Down menu You know how to start Windows XP, but you also need to know how to shut it down. To access the Shut Down menu, click Start, Shut Down. 16): ■ Total system shut down. ■ Shut down with immediate restart. Hibernate (shut down, but not log off). When restarted, the computer will be as you left it, including open programs and folders. 17). If the Keep the taskbar on top of other windows option is deactivated, the Taskbar may disappear or be partly obscured by a working window.

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