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49 The First World War was a major turning point in relations between feminists and lesbians. 50 Right after the war, the femi47. Cited by Christine Bard, Les Filles de Marianne. Histoire des féminismes in France, 19141940, Paris, Fayard, 1995, 528 pages. 48. Cicely Hamilton, Marriage as a Trade (London, Chapman & Hall, 1909, 284 pages). M. Dent & Sons Ltd, 1935, 300 pages. 49. 102-127; and in Hidden from History (Martin Duberman, Martha Vicinus and George Chauncey Jr. 281-293. 50. Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst’s Women Social and Political Union (WSPU) rallied to support the war effort from the first days of the conflict; the pacifists quit the organization and joined other groups like the International Womens League for Peace and Liberty.

Homosexuality is granted a whole chapter (fifteen pages) in the traditional context of school friendships. While Allendy is 82. William Lee Howard, Confidential Chats with Boys, op. 95. 83. Dr Jean Pouÿ, Conseils à la jeunesse sur l’éducation sexuelle, op. 25. 84. P. -J. 4. 85. 37. 36 Breaking the Silence: Homosexuals and Public Opinion opposed to reactionary works (he is particularly hard on the book Venus and Her Dangers) and frequently quotes Freud, even Hirschfeld and Ellis, his conclusions are far from clear.

Cutting out the bottom of one’s trouser pockets in order to be able to masturbate without giving oneself away was a common practice in the schools. ”66 In France, Dr. 67 However, by the 1930s, it is rare to find authors who support the notion that masturbation could cause serious illness. The Alliance of Honour’s new work, Personal: To Boys by T. ” There were still plenty of religious arguments and the best way of dissuading children was still to hold up the threat of damnation: “The fact of touching certain parts of one’s body is not in itself a sin.

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