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By Anne Storch

This booklet is an outline of Luwo, a Western Nilotic language of South Sudan. Luwo is utilized by multilingual, dynamic groups of perform as one language between others that shape person and versatile repertoires. it's a language that serves as a way of expressing the Self, as a medium of artwork and self-actualization, and infrequently as a medium of writing. it truly is spoken in the house and in public areas, by means of particularly huge numbers of people that determine themselves as Luwo and as contributors of all types of alternative teams. so that it will offer insights into those dynamic and various realities of Luwo, this booklet includes either a concise description and research of the linguistic beneficial properties and buildings of Luwo, and an method of the anthropological linguistics of this language. The latter is gifted within the type of separate chapters on ownership, quantity, experiencer buildings, spatial orientation, conception and cognition. In all sections of this examine, sociolinguistic info is equipped anyplace this is often precious and attainable, specified details at the semantics of grammatical good points and structures is given, and discussions of theory-oriented methods to varied linguistic positive factors of Luwo are offered.

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It does, however, contain large passages of Luwo texts. Today, this collection of materials serves as an insightful . The volume is difficult to find, but was finally retrieved by Don Killian, who was so kind as to make his copy available to me. . 1904–1990. Born in Imola, Santandrea joined the Comboni Mission at Verona in 1927. He was sent to Wau in the Sudan in 1928 and remained there until 1936, and then stayed in Dem Zubeir until 1955 (Contran 1991). His many contributions to the history, languages and cultures of the Bahr el-Ghazal belong to the Comboni Mission’s most prolific contributions to African Studies.

Grammatical word All lexical classes fulfill the conditions of the grammatical word. The lexical roots and the affixes within a given word always occur in fixed orders, expressing a conventionalised meaning. Grammatical words may be formed by various strategies: as indicated above they may consist of the bare root, a root and its affixes, compounds, or reduplicated simple or affix-marked roots. The strategies for word formation may depend on membership of particular word classes, but can also  A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach signify sub-classes of lexical categories.

A root which consists of interdental consonants will always take affixes whose consonants are also articulated interdentally. Hence, some inflectional and derivative morphemes occur with at least two allomorphs, namely interdental ones and noninterdental ones. 5) singulative suffix –Nɔ̀ thúnh ‘breasts’ thúnh-nhɔ̀ ‘one breast’ pɪɪ ‘water’ pɪ́-ɲɔ̀ ‘drop of water’ Cross-height vowel harmony typically applies within word boundaries. Some affixes occur with [+atr] and [-atr] allomorphs. However, there are some bound morphemes that are not affected by vowel harmony rules and always have a specific vowel quality.

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