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The interrupters can be either single-flow or double-flow. Upon current interruption, the movable electrode separates from the stationary electrode producing an electric arc between the electrodes. Compressed gas blasts through the electrodes with a tremendous radial velocity, several times the speed of sound. This radial gas flow cools the axially burning arc. As in all breakers, the current electric arc burns until a natural current zero is reached, and the arc is extinguished. Compressed air and SF6 gas both have excellent heat capacity to deionize the arc plasma and excellent dielectric resistance, so that the breaker can withstand the high transient recovery voltage.

1) 372 CIRCUIT BREAKERS Breaker EA A A GND EB B C1 A A C2 GND B C1 A GND B B C2 GND B Three-phase load GND GND EC C GND C GND C1 GND C C C2 GND GND C GND GND (a) Breaker EA A A B A A C2 GND GND EB C1 B C1 A GND B B C2 GND B Three-phase load GND GND EC C GND C GND C1 GND C C C2 GND GND C GND GND (b) Figure 5. Schematic of a simplified three-phase circuit showing the source, breaker, and load. (a) An ungrounded wye circuit; (b) A grounded wye circuit. 88 × VL−L because there is no neutral shift.

Because the current is sinusoidal, it goes through periodic zero values. When the arcing current reaches a ‘‘natural’’ current zero, the arc is extinguished and the current ceases to flow. Immediately following current interruption, a high-frequency recovery voltage (TRV) appears across the separated electrodes and tries to make the current flow again. , hot gases for a gas breaker) are sufficiently cooled, the arc does not reignite, and the current interruption process is complete. A mechanism is linked to the movable electrodes of a circuit breaker to actuate the motion of the movable electrodes.

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